WordPress is a free Content Management System (CMS). In principle, you can build your own website via wordpress, but then the real challenge begins for many people. In practice, many turn out to be unable to make use of WordPress to create a functioning and nice looking website. That is why Rental Desk, in collaboration with Reflex Booking made it easy for owners of holiday homes. We have already prepared most of the work, so that you can have your own WordPress rental site without any worries in the foreseeable future. That’s easy, right?


When you have decided to create your own RentalDesk rental website, you basically have the choice of 3 options to integrate booking and or reservation tools.

Booking and  or reservation tools are not supplied as standard with our Rental Desk rental websites. It is your own choice which tools you want to use for the booking process. Rental Desk ultimately ensures that your choice (if suitable) is integrated within your website.

Reflex Booking

We create your own rental website including integration of Reflex bookings. The best online recreation reservation software for homeowners, holiday parks and rental organizations.

3rd Party Plugin

We create your own rental website including integration of a 3rd party WordPress booking plugin or a piece of code (iframe) from an external online booking tool.

Request forms

We create your own rental website including integration of a simple application form. Let your guests quickly and easily ask questions about availability, prices and more.



The best online recreation reservation software for homeowners, holiday parks and rental organizations.

YOU take care of YOUR guests. We provide the technology!
Work more efficiently by automating the rental process


To get a good and quick impression of our work, you can immediately view one of the live demos below. Each demo has an example of the different reservation options as described above under the heading “integration”. Select Reserve from the main demo menu to view the integration of your choice.


Web hosting should be simple, hassle-free and affordable. Rental Desk therefore uses super fast and secure web servers in the Netherlands to host your new website. Our servers use the latest techniques for a superb web hosting experience. In the unlikely event that problems do arise, we are always able to resolve them within the foreseeable future.

Servers in The Netherlands

99,8% uptime

DDoS secured

Free SSL certificate

Up to 60 days backup

Maximum 3 e-mailaccounts


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Why wordpress?

That is simple. WordPress is currently the most common and free used Content Management System on the market.

The big advantage is that many developers develop products, themes and plugins based on WordPress. As a result, there is a lot of choice to ultimately create a nice functional and affordable website.

Is hosting of my website free?

When you purchase our websites, hosting is free for the first year. After that, an amount is charged per year for hosting, maintenance and updates.

Amounts for hosting and any other services will always be stated in advance on your quotation.

What do I have to provide for my website

If you purchase a website from Rental Desk, you have to provide a number of things yourself such as texts, descriptions, photos, address details, contact details, etc.

The better everything is delivered, the faster and easier the delivery of the website will be. For additional information you can also consult our helpdesk.

In how many languages is my website available?

Our websites are currently available in Dutch, English and German. More languages will be added in the future.

Do I receive a booking module as standard?

The answer is no. We use a specially adapted wordpress theme for all our websites. To be able to use a booking tool or reservation module, you have to choose which tool you want to use for this.

In most cases such plugins or tools work via an annual license. Once you have a valid license, we can integrate the plugin or booking tool into the website for you.

I want a website. How does it work?
Having your own website for your own holiday home (s) is a fairly easy process. Request a quote from us using the form below. After you have approved the quotation, we will get to work for you. Supply all content, photos, logos, etc. yourself and we will ensure that your new professional rental website is online within the foreseeable future.

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